Cat loving in South-Korea

Cat loving in South-Korea

Human beings love cats. Same goes for South-Korea. They love cats so much that they decided to open up a ton of cat cafes so everybody would be able to hug the beloved pets as much as they please.

My name is Merel. I once was an intern at Snorhaar and right now I’m trying to see as much of the world as I possibly can, which I capture by text and images. As for my cat café experience:
While walking through Seoul it wasn’t hard to spot signs of the cafes. But to make it even easier we bumped into a big fluffy mascot, eager to show us the way to one of the many paradises. Even though outside everything is crowded and noisy inside the cafes it is exactly the opposite: silent, calm.
For the safety of the cats we had to disinfect our hands, stow our bags into a locker and wear special slippers. As soon as we ordered a drink and sat down there were meows and paws all around us, cats hungry for attention. They jumped on our laps to be the first one to claim that spot with the intention not to leave anymore for the rest of the day.

It was relaxing and peaceful and I swear I could have sat there until forever.
It felt like having coffee with your best friends, only these friends were a little bit more hairy..