About Studio Snorhaar

Snorhaar is a design studio for cats and dogs.
The design studio is located in the Netherlands; from here we design and manufacture our prototypes/products. We use high quality natural materials and each design is carefully tested in the lab and by our test panel. Studio Snorhaar love the behavior of cats and dogs, together with our passion for materials and textures we started to experiment in our lab.

About Regina Mol

After graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Regina founded her own design studio for cats and dogs: Studio Snorhaar.

Regina does a lot of research to find the perfect products for pets. She is inspired by the Dutch ethnologist and Nobel Prize winner Niko van Tinbergen (1907-1988). He studied communication behavior in animals by going out in the open, carefully studying their behavior and asking the right questions before interpreting. Van Tinbergen called this watching, waiting & wondering.

Every day she continues to experiment in her lab to design new products for cats and dogs by observing them and looking at their reactions to specific materials and designs. And every day she learns more about them.