Cat bag experience: Kitten

Curious about experiences from users?
Let us introduce you to Kitten

Somewhere far away in Melbourne Australia lives Kitten with her kittens.
Here is her experience of the Travel cat bag.

Right now Kitten is 2 years old but she has the life experience of an at least 10 years old cat. Kitten was found under a container when she was little. The founders took her home and cared for her. But when the owners went on a holiday Kitten ran away and nearly survived her 3 weeks in the wilderness. Skin and bones, that was what was left of her. However it didn’t only make her weak, she also became a mother thanks to her adventure! For Kitten and her kittens the Travel cat bag is a cozy den. The kittens are raised in this small home. It’s their place for sleeping, playing and being fed. Everything about the bag is positive for them because they grew up with it. Soon, when the kittens become too big to share the Travel bag with their mom they will have their own bag which they can fill with kittens! Kitten herself won’t have children again because she is sterilized. In Australia cats will be given a tattoo in their ear when they are sterilized so it’s not a secret either! She will just enjoy her old days being lazy, sleeping in her den and getting attention now and then.

Cat bag experience