Snorhaar family expansion: Dot!

A new member for the Snorhaar family.
This is Dot, our new friend and test cat!

She looked so tiny when we saw her for the first time at the animal shelter. Staring at us with big eyes and a cute little tongue that was sticking outside of her mouth. Everything about her was unknown but from the first moment on we knew she was a real sweetheart. We decided to take care of her the best we could and brought her home. There came no noise from inside the cat bag. Couldn’t hear her, couldn’t see her. Dottie was a little dot in the voluminous fluffy blanket we brought for her. Hiding in the warm fabric up until her nose. At first she seemed so lost, she wouldn’t move and hardly took a few bites of her food. We patiently gave her a daily dose of love and soon she started to come alive. She slept a lot in her fluffy blanket, that she would not say goodbye to anymore, and gained back lots of her strength. Nowadays she is curiously watching us and is even asking for attention. Walking around in the studio, sniffing here and there, Dottie is becoming a real test cat!

It takes some time to create a bond and gain their trust. But when you are patient and loving, you will have a friend for life!