Cat toy design for MiaCara

This is Topo

Topo is a friendly cat toy handmade with vegetable tanned leather and 100% wool.
Cats will react to Topo because of his movable tail and they can cuddle his fluffy wool body. Topo fits into many home interiors because of his earth tones. His tail can be attached to a wall or you can curl him up and put him on a shelf.
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Cat town

When you are on a holiday, especially in a hot country, it is unfortunately very common to see a lot of stray cats. If Malta had a say in this I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be a single unhappy cat left in this world.

Cats in Malta don’t just have one owner like regular animals, but the lucky furballs have multiple owners (Malta’s citizens) whom provide food and water for them in the shady corners of the streets. On top of that, they have their own villages!

A famous cat village is located in Saint Julian’s Spinola Bay. There, next to the boulevard, between all the restaurants, hotels and jabbering tourists, you can find a pretty park filled with happy, satisfied cats that are surrounded by food, water, comfy beds and countless petting hands.

Those parks should be everywhere around the world, right?cat-village

Test test.. What’s in here?

Junethekitty was diving to the bottom of the Travel Bag, totally in favor of testing some Snorhaar products.

Using the grey version of the Travel Bag to fit into the interior of her house, owner Nancy got behind the camera for us to take some pictures of her beloved cat June. The two and a half year old June is gaining new followers on Instagram daily and luckily for us she is willing to test some of our products and spread the word about it. The results of product 1: looking like a model and screaming for more!
Thanks Nancy and June!

Keep an eye out for more updates on the Dutch beauty vs our products!


Cat loving in South-Korea

Human beings love cats. Same goes for South-Korea. They love cats so much that they decided to open up a ton of cat cafes so everybody would be able to hug the beloved pets as much as they please.

My name is Merel. I once was an intern at Snorhaar and right now I’m trying to see as much of the world as I possibly can, which I capture by text and images. As for my cat café experience:
While walking through Seoul it wasn’t hard to spot signs of the cafes. But to make it even easier we bumped into a big fluffy mascot, eager to show us the way to one of the many paradises. Even though outside everything is crowded and noisy inside the cafes it is exactly the opposite: silent, calm.
For the safety of the cats we had to disinfect our hands, stow our bags into a locker and wear special slippers. As soon as we ordered a drink and sat down there were meows and paws all around us, cats hungry for attention. They jumped on our laps to be the first one to claim that spot with the intention not to leave anymore for the rest of the day.

It was relaxing and peaceful and I swear I could have sat there until forever.
It felt like having coffee with your best friends, only these friends were a little bit more hairy..


A new member for the Snorhaar family.
This is Dot, our new friend and test cat!

She looked so tiny when we saw her for the first time at the animal shelter. Staring at us with big eyes and a cute little tongue that was sticking outside of her mouth. Everything about her was unknown but from the first moment on we knew she was a real sweetheart. We decided to take care of her the best we could and brought her home. There came no noise from inside the cat bag. Couldn’t hear her, couldn’t see her. Dottie was a little dot in the voluminous fluffy blanket we brought for her. Hiding in the warm fabric up until her nose. At first she seemed so lost, she wouldn’t move and hardly took a few bites of her food. We patiently gave her a daily dose of love and soon she started to come alive. She slept a lot in her fluffy blanket, that she would not say goodbye to anymore, and gained back lots of her strength. Nowadays she is curiously watching us and is even asking for attention. Walking around in the studio, sniffing here and there, Dottie is becoming a real test cat!

It takes some time to create a bond and gain their trust. But when you are patient and loving, you will have a friend for life!