Reveal: Snorhaar for MiaCara!

A new era in our life equals a new perspective on what we find necessary and what we are interested in. Not only for ourselves but also for our pets.

It takes quite some time to dive into something new and broaden our mindset. Designing, testing and developing will always continue and eventually turn into a new product. Patience is an important matter in this. Observing our cats and dogs while they sleep, when they eat and when they play. What are they attracted to? What catches their eye? Will they touch this kind of material or do they simply walk away in disapproval? But even the endless journey of testing and adjusting comes to an end.

Time to reveal what we came up with for person and pet through our product range for MiaCara, thanks to our beloved test panel and team!

Cat bag training

Everybody knows a cat is a perky creature with a stubborn attitude..

Nonetheless, introduce your kitty to the travel bag as soon as she sets her paws in your home. Repetition and frequent usage of the bag will help her start seeing it as her own little space, a safe haven wherever she is.

Be steadfast and your kitten will be curious to join you when you go for a ride or even when you visit the veterinarian.










A memory for Dot

Pets turn into friends, family members even. No matter the duration of time they have spent with you, you get attached to the creatures that won’t judge you no matter how you look, the way you act or whatever you say.

Tiny Dot, at first so small and fragile, soon turned into something oh so curious and sweet after we took her home from the shelter. Regaining her strength a little more every day she started to brighten up. No matter what had happened in her past, she gave her best in loving us and loving life as a Snorhaar family member. A real test cat, sitting out her old days on every fluffy and soft creation she caught sight of, never complaining about anything.

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy but gone certainly does not mean forgotten.










Stubby cat

When you travel to Asia you, as a big cat fanatic, will notice a few things about the cats as soon as you leave the airport. The cats are rather small compared to your own cat or the cats from Europe in general. Next to that their tails are short, kinked or not present at all. How is this possible?

As always there are many stories and theories about this. But keep on searching long enough or ask around at the locals and you will notice the same thing will be repeated over and over again. All those fairy tales about cut off tails or accidents can be put aside. Of course there are cats among them that are injured because of the crazy traffic around there, but believe it or not the stubbed tail cat is an actual breed! The cats are born this way and it is quite a common breed in countries of South East Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

So worry no longer, there’s no need!