A new member for the Snorhaar family.
This is Dot, our new friend and test cat!

She looked so tiny when we saw her for the first time at the animal shelter. Staring at us with big eyes and a cute little tongue that was sticking outside of her mouth. Everything about her was unknown but from the first moment on we knew she was a real sweetheart. We decided to take care of her the best we could and brought her home. There came no noise from inside the cat bag. Couldn’t hear her, couldn’t see her. Dottie was a little dot in the voluminous fluffy blanket we brought for her. Hiding in the warm fabric up until her nose. At first she seemed so lost, she wouldn’t move and hardly took a few bites of her food. We patiently gave her a daily dose of love and soon she started to come alive. She slept a lot in her fluffy blanket, that she would not say goodbye to anymore, and gained back lots of her strength. Nowadays she is curiously watching us and is even asking for attention. Walking around in the studio, sniffing here and there, Dottie is becoming a real test cat!

It takes some time to create a bond and gain their trust. But when you are patient and loving, you will have a friend for life!

Publication Dude, Dutch Design Magazine from BNO.
The Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) is the professional
association for designers and design agencies in the Netherlands.


Publication Volkskrant

Publication Dutch newspaper: Volkskrant Magazine


Cat paws

They do much more than being spongy, pink, fluffy, soft and cute. For cats they can’t be missed! A few facts about little cat feet:

Cats move around on tiptoe, this way they are silent and at the same time they can gain speed. Cats have, just like us humans, a dominant front paw which is used for most of the things they do. Sometimes cats drink water with their feet to filter the water before drinking it. Paws are super flexible, which is handy for climbing and hunting. Cat paws have lots of touch receptors, they use them for evaluating texture, location, liveliness of their prey and sensing how hot or cold a surface is. Between their paw pads cats have glands. These glands leave a scent every time they scratch something. And I know they look really cute but paws can be stinky sometimes as well because cats sweat through their paws to keep their body temperature balanced. These same stinky feet are also used for grooming! Cats rub them here and there to clean certain areas.

And when your cat pulls back his paw when you touch it, that’s just because they are super sensitive so don’t be offended!

Cat bag experience: Tijger

Curious about experiences from users?
Let us introduce you to Tijger.

Tijger is our grumpy but loyal test cat. She’s a 4 year old British shorthair. A normal Snorhaar day starts with wondering where Tijger is. Is she still outside? Or walking through the studio already? During the day you will find her somewhere hidden in one of the baskets or travel bags, sleeping. But when there are products in the making Tijger will be around to check them out. And you can trust us if we say that she’s very critical when it comes to judging everything. For us that’s great, thanks to her we learn new things about cats and their behaviour everyday. We observe her to see what happens just as she observes the world from her favourite spot in front of the window. All of our products are approved by Tijger, our great help. She tested many many versions of the Travel bag and decided this was her favourite version to sleep in.

Curious about experiences from users?
Let us introduce you to Kitten

Somewhere far away in Melbourne Australia lives Kitten with her kittens.
Here is her experience of the Travel cat bag.

Right now Kitten is 2 years old but she has the life experience of an at least 10 years old cat. Kitten was found under a container when she was little. The founders took her home and cared for her. But when the owners went on a holiday Kitten ran away and nearly survived her 3 weeks in the wilderness. Skin and bones, that was what was left of her. However it didn’t only make her weak, she also became a mother thanks to her adventure! For Kitten and her kittens the Travel cat bag is a cozy den. The kittens are raised in this small home. It’s their place for sleeping, playing and being fed. Everything about the bag is positive for them because they grew up with it. Soon, when the kittens become too big to share the Travel bag with their mom they will have their own bag which they can fill with kittens! Kitten herself won’t have children again because she is sterilized. In Australia cats will be given a tattoo in their ear when they are sterilized so it’s not a secret either! She will just enjoy her old days being lazy, sleeping in her den and getting attention now and then.

Cat bag experience

Cardboard equals happy cat

Did you ever lose your cat while unloading the groceries?
Or maybe at that time when that big box arrived with your new item?
Well he’s probably inside that box..

Research shows us that cats are happy when they are sitting in a cardboard box. They can hide in it plus it’s cozy and warm. Cats are also getting used to their environment quicker when there is a cardboard box around to sit in.
Therefore we included a little piece of that cat-happiness in our travel bag as well! And did I already mention it gives cats less stress and makes them want contact with people faster?Cardboard-catt