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Cat-Bag-Studio-Snorhaar-loopAnimatie by Heleen Haijtema 

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The research
On our journey to find the perfect travel bag for a cat we are inspired by the Dutch Ethologist and Nobelprice winner Niko van Tinbergen. A researcher who studied communicational behaviour of animals. He would observe them and ask the right questions before he would even interpret. Van Tinbergen calls it: watching, waiting & wondering.


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Stubby cat

When you travel to Asia you, as a big cat fanatic, will notice a few things about the cats as soon as you leave the airport. The cats are rather small compared to your own cat or the cats from Europe in general. Next to that their tails are short, kinked or not present at all. How is this possible?

As always there are many stories and theories about this. But keep on searching long enough or ask around at the locals and you will notice the same thing will be repeated over and over again. All those fairy tales about cut off tails or accidents can be put aside. Of course there are cats among them that are injured because of the crazy traffic around there, but believe it or not the stubbed tail cat is an actual breed! The cats are born this way and it is quite a common breed in countries of South East Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

So worry no longer, there’s no need!

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Studio Snorhaar love the behavior of cats and dogs, together with our passion for materials and textures we started to experiment in our lab. Absolutely in love with our first design The Traveling cat-bag we proudly published it online.

Studio Snorhaar Magazine
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